Let’s get creative & put together an entertainment solution your guests will remember long after last drinks.


Ok, let’s set the tone for the night.

Do you envisage laid back acoustic tunes as your guests arrive & over dinner, or down-tempo beats played by our DJ? Do you picture the night finishing with a filled dance floor? We can switch into party mode in our DJ Band set up & end the night on a high. The above & more is tailored for your guests & the vibe you want to create for your day.

Our budget-friendly trio arrives with our own PA & lighting rig & won’t take up too much space in your venue.

1. Vocals + Acoustic Guitar

Perfect for guest arrivals, music during canapés, wedding ceremonies

2. Vocals + Acoustic Guitar + Cajon Drum

Perfect for guest arrivals, music during canapes & dinner music

3. Vocals + DJ + Electric Guitar

Perfect for down tempo dinner and end of night dance floor filling!